I dabble in maths, philosophy and poetry, on top of my art. For my paintings of Oxford and Oxfordshire, see here. For more general subject matter and varied media, see here.

I have worked with a distinguished maths Professor to achieve a professional finish to my solution to the Goldbach and Twin Prime Conjectures, which is now on the preprint server ArXiv, here.

See A Radical New Metaphysics for my paper on metaphysics delivered at the "Philosophy As" conference, London University, 2002, giving the substance of my neo-Platonic cosmology expounded in my book The Birth of Three Sides: A Theory of Dimensionality (Ashgate, 1997).

See Summer's Syrup for a love poem of mine, inspired in particular by a day in late June, 2019, in the gardens of Blenheim Palace.

Email mgullandt at aol dot com to contact me.

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Witney, UK.